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Data Science & Cyber Consultant



My name is Roi and I’m a Consultant in the intesection of ML/DS and Cyber.
In the past 10 years I’ve worked for industry leaders in the Cyber Domain, as a Data Science Lead. I’ve lead teams, and created ML products for Cyber defence from ideation to production. 
Today I work as an independet contractor, leading companies and teams to effective ML developments in the Cyber Domain. I also mentor Junior Data Scientists, leading them to improve their skills and leaving them able to perform better.

When you work with me you can trust that I will work on exactly the needed problem for your project, get the most accurate data for that problem’s needs, and that I won’t develop an Overcomplicated solution. I’ll raise the models to production in a maintainable way, so you can maintain them with Engineering teams, without the need for a dedicated in-house Data Scientist.
In the end of the project you’ll get an ML product running in your production environment in the best way and I’ll also be available for you down the road.

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Full ML Project Life Cycle

Full ML Project life cycle, from research to a deployed solution, on projects in the Intersection of Cyber & Data / DS.

  • Modeling Cyber(/business) problems as DS problems.

  • Creating Datasets / Systems for continuous dataset collection.

  • Finding best algorithms / methods for solving these problems.

  • Creating continuous training and inference pipelines that can run in production.

Mentoring Data Science Team members

Mentoring of Data Scientists that have no seniors in their teams.

  • Seniors in companies in the Cyber+Data domain.

  • Juniors in Data Science.

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